Saturday, August 20, 2011

G-Shock x Married To The Mob

A new Married To The Mob x Casio Baby-G collaboration watch has shown up for sale in Japan. We saw a preview of this new limited edition a while back in a Casio exhibition of new watches. This seems to be the first collaboration this NYC brand has had with Casio. MTTM has been made popular by Fergie from The Black-Eyed Peas wearing their gear.

G-Shock x SP Motion Pictures

A new collaboration G-Shock is set to be released for Security Police: The Motion Picture. This limited edtion is based on the regular GW-M5600 model. It features a custom backlight and engraved case back with the movie's logo. The watch comes in a special trunk case along with a metal pin collectors item

G-Shock x Bape

A new 5600 Bape G-Shock has been released by the Bathing Ape brand in Japan. This matte white watch features Baby Milo character printed around the face and in the custom backlight. It looks like the orange text on the bezel is the only customization to the resin parts. There's probably a custom case back too, but they haven't posted any other photos

G-Shock x Dolphin & Whale Luv The Sea & World

A new 2011 I.C.E.R.C. GW-6900K-7JR G-Shock has shown up for pre-order on a Japanese online store. This Multiband 6 atomic GW-6900 is a new limited edition collaboration with the Dolphin & Whale Love the Sea and the Earth non-profit

G-Shock x Kawasaki Ninja

Sjors has a new 50Gs post this week on the Kawasaki Ninja DW-6900FS G-Shock. This is a limited edition collaboration that came out for the 25th Anniversary in 2007. These were probably only available in Japan and they are quite rare now. It's a great watch for any fans of these motorcycles. Kawasaki has done at least one other G-Shock model, so it's likely that there could be a future collaboration

G-Shock x Scarful x Crookers

The Scarful and CROOKERS brands have teamed up with Casio G-Shock to release a new GA-110 watch. This limited edition has been created for the Rome, Italy part of the Shock The World tour. They have only released a couple teaser pics of it so far. It looks to be a matte black model with a fair amount of custom printing on the band

G-Shock x Ben Davis

The Ben Davis clothing brand has collaborated with Casio G-Shock to release a new watch. It's a limited edition G-Shock based on the regular black DW-5600E model. There's no band printing, but it does have a custom dial, backlight and case back. It also comes in a nice custom-designed cardboard box. It will only be for sale in Japan

G-Shock x Seibu Lions

Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball team the Seibu Lions has a new G-Shock collaboration. This is a limited edition run of only 300 watches. It's based on the DW-5600E and it has a nice range of customizations. The team's logo is featured throughout the design. The white with blue and red accents looks sharp. There's a nice custom backlight and engraved case back

Baby-G x Pitocco

Steve Pitocco has created 5 new hand-painted custom G-Shock and Baby-G watches. Three of them are G-Shocks and there's a couple Baby-Gs. The G-People site doesn't have much in the way of details, but these looks to be part of a special exhibit, and probably won't be for sale. The descriptions of the designs for each are as folows: 1) Africa, Giraffe inspiration, 2) Hair Braiding, 3) Stripes and peas 4) Fabric African inspired electro 5) constellations, Carina, Pictor, Dor and Vela.

G-Shock x Hiroshima TOYO Carp

The Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball team has a new collaboration G-Shock. This is a glossy red DW-6900 with a custom face and backlight. The description states that it's a Sawa Akira model, but it's not clear if he's the designer or what. Only 1,000 pieces have been produced

G-Shock x Magaret Howell MHL

The Margaret Howell MHL brans has a new collaboration with Casio G-Shock. It's an all white limited edition DW-5600E. Back in 2009 there was a black MHL DW-5600 G-Shock. This new model seems to have similar packaging and minimal design.

G-Shock x Jordan

For the 2011 NBA All-Star Game Casio G-Shock has teamed up with the Jordan brand to release three new watches. These limited edition G-Shocks will be for sale exclusively at Footaction retail stores in the US. There is only a small number of pieces of each produced, but there's some confusion over exactly how many really have been made. Some claim as few as 20 each. But it's likely that at least a few hundred were made. These should be hot collector's items no matter what with the unique mix of these two brands

Monday, August 15, 2011

G-Shock x Alife Special

A special version of the ALIFE collaboration G-5500AL-1 G-Shock we saw this summer is now going on sale. Only 200 pieces of this limited edition will be available. The price is $99 USD, which seems unusually reasonable. Go ahead and order now at the link below. This watch has a nice look with the negative display and custom graphics on the band. And it comes in special special packaging and ALIFE tin. The bright yellow lighting bolt design is something that really stands out and sets it apart from the other version.

G-Shock x New Bathing Ape

Here's a sneak preview of the new Bape DW-6900 G-Shock that will be coming out in the future. There's not much in the way of details, but this stealthy DW-6900MS-based watch will probably be priced around $250 USD. The "Casio" text on the face has been replaced with the Bape logo. It's hard to tell if the other custom details will be worth the much higher price, but there's not going to be many of these limited editions released. Stay tuned for more details on this release.

G-Shock x Huffer

The New Zealand HUFFER brand has a new collaboration G-Shock based on the DW-5600MS-1. This watch has been customized with the text "Chill It" and "Kill It", along with the brand's signature three dot logo. You'll have to decide for yourself if these custom details are worth it for you

G-Shock x Simon De Pury

Simon de Pury has teamed up with Casio to design a pair of super limited edition G-Shocks. His new exhibition PURYPARISGRAPHY will be on display from January 3-29 at the colette boutique store in France. The G-Shocks will go on sale January 19th. Only 20 pieces will be produced and the packaging features photographs by Simon de Pury. It's hard to say what these watches have to offer in the way of custom features. There doesn't seem to much in the way of photos or details. These don't seem to be aimed at the usual G-Shock collectors. But the packaging graphics being spread over four different watches is an interesting touch.

G-Shock x Murakami Red Jelly

Tyko Moon had a look at the new Takashi Murakami GWF-1000TM Frogman that's now here in the US at Bloomingdale's. This is a super expensive super limited edition. It has a price of $3,700 USD and only 300 have been produced. It's a great looking red jelly atomic model with the 3184 module. It also has a custom engraved case back and it comes in a special custom box. It might not be too popular at that price though

G-Shock x Dickies

G-Street has posted some photos of the upcoming Dickies x G-Shock collaboration watch. This DW-6900 is bright red with yellow and blue details. It's a super limited edition that's only available from the nano universe store in Japan

G-Shock x M & M's

A new M&M's collaboration Baby-G has been announced in Japan. The BG-5600MMCHO-7JR is a white model with the colorful M&M's candy printed on the band

G-Shock G-5500 x BAPE

Bape has unveiled a new collaboration G-Shock. This limited edition watch seems to be based on the Tough Solar G-5500. It has the custom ape head in the backlight. And there's some custom white printing on the band. This model is unusual in having a different color set of buttons on each side. The left side has two red buttons, and the right side has to blue ones.

G-Shock x Crows & Worst Murata Susumu T.F.O.A

A new Murata Susumu T.F.O.A. collaboration G-Shock has been spotted in Japan. It features some interesting design touches inspired by the Japanese manga. There's the skull graphic from the Armed Front seventh generation series. And there's some red Kanji characters in the custom backligh